ECO 4000 Statistical Analysis for Economics and Finance

The course introduces econometric techniques useful to conduct empirical analysis in economics and finance. The purpose of the course is to enable the student to master the concepts and be able to complete an independent empirical project.

ECO 1110 Current Economic Problems

This course examines the historic and political backgrounds of economic thought, the concepts and tools of micro-economics, the measurements and policies of macro-economics, their limitations, and the evolution of current economic discourses. This course will view issues and methodologies through the lens of American economic development, and selected world economic experience. Students will be expected to present and discuss readings and cases concerning assigned texts and materials.

ECO 1002 Macroeconomics

A study of the determinants of aggregate levels of production, employment, and prices. Impact of government spending, taxation, and monetary policy on the level of unemployment and the rate of inflation. Emphasis on the institutional framework within which monetary policy operates.